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Junk Cars of Orlando Offers You Cash to Buy / Sell Your Used Car.

we-buy-junk-cars-cashJunk Cars Orlando Florida  – Cash For Cars is a professional junk (Damage) vehicle buying service that performs junk removal and pays top cash for automobiles around Orlando, Florida. We provide Free Towing of your Vehicle and help you Sell Your Car Without any Hassles or Expenses. We are really big on customer service, and that is our #1 concern. We appreciate every single customer that we have, because we know without you…there would be no “us.”

If you have a vehicle that you are still paying insurance on but aren’t using, just forget about it. Instead, let us pay you. We are giving cash for cars in Orlando! We guarantee you’ll love our professional car removal service.

Junk Car of Orlando serves all the Orlando – Winter Park – Lake Mary – Altamonte Springs – Longwood – Kissimmee areas.

We are also full service Junk and Scrap Yard that offers Used Auto Parts.

free-junk-car-removal-towingSell your car to us and we will send out a tow truck with money to get your car. We buy scrap cars in Orlando, Florida! We know finding a cash for scrap vehicle Orlando company can be a bit time consuming, and let’s face it, a bit frustrating. But we promise that you will enjoy selling your junk vehicle to us. There is no haggling! We give you a quote over the phone instantly. Get cash for your junk vehicle today! We do removal of any Junk, damaged, wrecked, or unwanted vehicles from your property for Free.

We provide extremely easy junk removal, or towing for your damaged, old, wrecked car. We send out a tow truck to pay you, and tow the wrecked car away for free! We also buy cars with no titles. We make it simple for you to sell your car today.

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#1 Junk, Scrap & Used Car Buyers in Orlando

Has the City of Orlando told you to remove that junk car? Do you have a Junk car blocking the driveway or one that never moves from the garage? If you are wondering "Where do I sell my junk car?" After all, who would want a car that doesn’t run. At Junk Cars Orlando Florida, we offer junk car removal so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


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FREE Scrap & Junk Car Removal

We pay the highest price for junk cars in the Orlando area. We will tow your junk car for FREE and offer you top dollar for your old vehicle. Our sales staff works with everyone. We speak Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and English so language is never a barrier.

Let our family business of 15 years assist you when it is time for you and your vehicle to part ways. Junk Cars Orlando Florida removes junk cars for cash in the Orlando area up to 30 miles outside the area by special arrangement.

60 Day Used Car Part Warranty

Are you working on your vehicle and seeking salvage parts? We offer junk car removal so we can stock our automobile yard with the car parts you need to fix your vehicle. All salvage parts are warrantied for 60 days to protect your vehicle investment.

You're in Good Hands

The family at Junk Cars Orlando Florida has served its customers with honesty and integrity for 15 years. Please give us a call at (321) 236-2958 to discuss junk car removal.

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